Thea Caroline Sneve Løvstad

Thea, a Norwegian photographer and eco-artist, has made her home in London. Her creative practice spans various domains, including fashion, interior, and lifestyle photography. Thea exclusively collaborates with clients who share her commitment to eco-friendly and ethical production, placing sustainability at the heart of every project she undertakes. This conscientious approach permeates every aspect of Thea's work, reflecting her dedication to creating a positive environmental impact.

Visually, Thea's photography embraces a tactile and candid aesthetic, drawing significant inspiration from her upbringing in Kragerø. Her imagery mirrors the contrasting elements of the region: the untamed wilderness and the serene light. Guided by a journey for capturing the beauty found in simplicity, she focuses on often overlooked and unexpected details, inviting viewers to appreciate the innate splendour of their surroundings. Thea's ultimate goal is to evoke a sense of tranquility and forge a deep connection between the viewer and the captivating wonders of Mother Nature.






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