Yugoslavia-born Ana Kerin (1986) studied fine art and sculpture at the Academy for Fine Art and Design in Slovenia and the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.

A rising star on the circuit, the academic award-winning Kerin has exhibited in group shows and represented Slovenia in European biennales for young, contemporary artists. Working across mediums, from charcoal to canvas and clay, Kerin has developed an expressive artistic signature. Her undulating silhouettes and free-form shapes are present across her works, from her large-scale paintings and sculptures to her pottery. Each artwork questions the relationship between form, fluidity and function.

The notion of connection informs much of Kerin’s work. She is interested in the traces that linger, like a thumbprint in clay; a brushstroke on paper. Each soulful expression is a reflection of an existence. It leaves an imprint on a person; on a soul; on the world.

Portrait by Photographer Sarah Victoria Bates.




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