Carmen Martini, born in Spain, now bridges her artistic pursuits between the USA and Europe. Trained as a professional violinist, her passion for art has been lifelong. Her work is a vibrant exploration of color, form, and texture, often incorporating burlap for tactile depth. While her earlier pieces focused on geometric precision, her recent works embrace distortion and asymmetry to break free from established norms.

Educated in both Spain and the US, Martini holds degrees in Violin Performance from prestigious institutions such as the Eduardo Martínez Corner Conservatory and the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University. Alongside her musical studies, she has expanded her horizons with a Graduate Business Certificate from the University of Baltimore. Recognised for her interdisciplinary approach, Martini received the "The Architectural Imagination" certificate from Harvard X in 2020, further fueling her artistic evolution.




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