Iringo Demeter

Born and raised in the heart of Transylvania, Iringó's artistic journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art Photography, where she delved into personal projects centred around the human form. Drawn by a curiosity to explore the human body further, she ventured to London.

Pursuing a Master's in Fashion Photography, Iringó's focus shifted towards exploring the dynamic relationship between the body and clothing. However, her artistic evolution led her towards a more minimalist representation of her subjects. Informed by texture and shape, she navigates the realms of beauty, both in the realms of life and stillness.

Intimacy forms a cornerstone in Iringó's photography, as her gaze lingers at a close distance, often abstracting the familiar. Her work invites viewers to explore a fresh perspective, capturing moments that reveal the inherent beauty within simplicity and leaving a lasting impression through her imagery.






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