Ed (b. 1994), a Painter based in East Cornwall, UK.

His approach to art is akin to painting with words, delving into the interplay of narrative, truth, and fiction. He finds fascination in the idea that these elements can intertwine to provoke genuine introspection. While words may deceive, he believes emotions possess a universal potency.

Ed sees painting as a unique form of expression, straddling the realms of music and written language. His creations stem from life drawings, each stroke moving towards an honest portrayal of his innermost thoughts.

The titles of his paintings are more than mere labels; they serve as enigmatic question marks, inviting viewers to explore deeper meanings within the artwork.

For Ed, painting is a journey of discovery, an attempt to bridge the gap between what he knows and what he understands. This paradox illuminates his creative process, fueling his artistic endeavors with an insatiable curiosity.

His work is a testament to the enduring power of memory and the human experience. Each piece is a love letter to strength and resilience, a reminder that tomorrow holds the promise of a brighter future.




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