Jurga Nekrasaite, an artist from Vilnius, Lithuania, now based in Oslo, Norway. Jurga's artistic journey is a vibrant exploration of acrylics, pastels, and pencils.

Each of Jurga's works exudes a palpable energy, embracing themes of freedom, sensuality, and acceptance. Through her art, she champions the LGBTQ+ community, celebrating non-binary identities and the quest for authenticity. Jurga challenges the contemporary art world's norms, romanticising and normalising love and passion between men in a space often dominated by the portrayal of women's bodies.

Emotional resonance is at the heart of Jurga's artistry. She believes in the power of a piece to speak to both the artist and the viewer, fostering an energy exchange that transcends the canvas. Her philosophy centres on freedom of expression and being true to oneself, drawing inspiration from deep emotions and personal experiences.




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