Nikki McClarron: Harmonising Fashion & Nature

Nikki McClarron: Harmonising Fashion & Nature

by Claudia De-Meis

Nikki’s journey has been an exploration of the beauty that surrounds her. Her love for the natural world has shaped her artistic vision. Blending documentary, fashion, and still life, Nikki's photography creates a symphony that celebrates the harmony between fashion and nature.

For Nikki, nature is more than just a subject to photograph; it is a wellspring of inspiration that breathes life into her work. Captivated by the unpredictability and imperfections of the natural world, she finds solace in capturing the elements. Whether it is snow-covered mountains or uninhabited plains, Nikki's photography transports viewers to a world where nature and fashion intertwind seamlessly.

Living in London, Nikki's connection to nature remains unshaken. Her travels to remote locations, such as Tibet and Iceland, offer her a chance to immerse herself fully in creativity. While London fills her with a sense of belonging, the remote landscapes provide her with an unparalleled flow state, where her camera becomes an extension of her heart and soul.

Nikki's artistic integrity shines through her work, and it has attracted collaborations with notable brands such as Jil Sander, Hermés, Tekla and MM6 Maison Margiela. Her partnerships with these brands developed naturally, rooted in a mutual appreciation for aesthetics and a shared vision.

For Nikki, some of her most cherished memories in photography are those magical, unplanned moments when nature and the subject align in perfect harmony. The changing light, unexpected actions, and frames that capture an unscripted scene bring a sense of excitement and storytelling to her work.