by Claudia De-Meis

AfA Gallery combines its love for art and advocacy to raise essential funds for ASD folks & families. We are dedicated to revolutionising the ASD landscape in the U.K. and direct 100% of our proceeds to raising awareness, training more tutors across the U.K. and providing essential funding for families initiating their early intervention journeys.


Early Detection & Intervention

In the UK the NHS typically don’t diagnose until the age of 4 and the support available is limited. Beyond this age, the developing brain faces hurdles that can impede progress. Recognising the urgency AfA Gallery focuses on the pivotal period between ages 2 and 4, advocating for early detection and intervention. Late intervention often leads to costly specialist schools, making early support essential for mainstream success.

Early detection and intervention enables the opportunity for individuals to reach their optimal potential - Providing a fulfilled life, not only for themselves but also for their families that care for them. AfA Gallery invests in awareness initiatives to equip parents and early-years educators with the tools needed for timely interventions.


Training More Specialised Tutors

In the U.K. there is a notable shortage of specialised tutors which poses significant challenges. Insufficient availability of tutors leaves a glaring gap in meeting the needs of children and families often find themselves in prolonged searches. Given the critical nature of the age bracket between 2 and 4 for early intervention, AfA Gallery has taken the initiative to allocate a portion of its proceeds to this initiative. This contribution aims to facilitate the onboarding and training of highly skilled tutors, addressing the pressing demand. Tutors will undergo comprehensive training and assessment supervised by our Board Certified Behaviour Analysts.


Funding Opportunities

Early intervention frequently represents an ambitious goal for many, given its substantial cost. AfA Gallery however is dedicated to financing early intervention programs, alleviating families of financial burdens and empowering children with ASD to realise their full potential. These programs encompass ABA therapy overseen by Behaviour Analysts, alongside Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy.


Art for Change

Through Art for Autism, we envision a future where every child on the autism spectrum has access to the support they need to thrive. Every art piece acquired from AfA Gallery brings us closer to achieving this reality. 

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